Thursday, January 22, 2009

Matthew Gets Asked to Sadies

On Monday night I was told that I needed to get Matthew out of the house so a girl could leave something for Matthew to ask him to Sadie's. OK, he has been sick so I can't ask him to go to the store or run an errand for me, that would be cruel. Brittney suggested that I tell him to go out into the room in the garage so I can vacuum. That one he would fall for. I don't know where she wants to leave her invite or even what it is. I go into his room to make sure it was somewhat clean and it was. His desk was dusty so I dusted it off. He had his homecoming garter from this year hanging on his cork board. The girl asking him to Sadie's was the girl he took to homecoming last year so I found the garter she made and hung it on his cork board also. I know, that is silly, just don't want to offend anyone. Well I'm waiting for the text to get him out of the house. I felt like Brittney carrying my cell phone around. This was all for nothing. The girl felt bad Matthew was sick, so she ran the doorbell and left this on the porch.

It read:This might just be a dirty trick, but to Sadie's I'm asking you real quick. Dig through the dirt to find my name, or eat it too, it's part of the game.

The container had crushed up Oreo's and gummy worms. He found the name and was excited to be asked. At least as excited as Matthew gets.

Matthew just loves it when I document his life on video or film. NOT!

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