Monday, November 17, 2008

Sports Week in Review

It was a busy sports weekend and week since there are practices. Just so you know sports isn't all we care about, the kids got report card this week and they all had straight "A's", except for one "B" Matthew got in an AP class. This week started out with Brittney spraining her ankle as I said in a previous blog. She is off crutches and putting weight on it. Hopefully she will be back playing by the end of the week.

Saturday morning started with an 8am soccer game. Makenzie's last regular season game. Their team won 1st place in their age group. They got trophies at the end of the game.Here is their team picture with the trophies. Makenzie is in the front left with the black and gray goalie shirt, and yes she has shorts underneath that shirt. Also Makenzie made the Jr High Basketball team.

Makenzie getting her trophy from the coach.
Next stop on Saturday was Jacob's game at 1pm. It was cold and windy. This was a playoff game and they lost, so no more football for him. These pictures are actually from last weeks game since I was too cold to take pictures. Even though they lost Jacob played well and had a nice catch that he had to out jump 3 tall defenders to catch. Jacob will start basketball here in a few weeks. Dale is his coach.

Jacob as quarterback

The final stop was Matthew's game. This game was round 1 in the playoffs. They won and Matthew got to play. He even got his passing stats in the newspaper. He didn't play till the very end and he did a good job of moving the ball down the field and when they got to the 20 yd line they took him out and put the JV Quarterback in. I was mad. When Matthew got home I asked him if that made him mad and he said no because they wanted to run the clock out and not run up the score on the other team. This required taking a few knee's and all of our plays are run from the shotgun. Every time you take a knee it's -5 yds off your rushing stats. Matthew learned that the hard way one game, so they let the JV QB take the minus yards. Below is the clipping from the Houston Chronicle. I tried to highlight passing Matthew's stats.

Look at that big smile on Matthew(18). I took it from a distance with my little camera.
They don't have the pictures and highlights of this game up yet, but they should be up soon on, the link is located on the right side of my blog. This game was the Alief Taylor game.

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What a great bunch of kids and so talented. You should be proud