Monday, November 24, 2008

I Don't Like to be Cold

I've been accused by some of my family as being a "Texas Wimp" because I can't handle cold weather anymore. Yes, I have become accustomed to warmer winters and get cold very easily. In my defense though, I really don't have any cold weather clothes any more. I think I have donated every coat I owned to coat drives because you don't need them to often here. Here are a few pictures of us trying to stay warm at Matthew's football game Friday night. I was so layered I looked like the Michelin Tire guy. Matthew only go to go in for two plays, one on the kick off team and only one play as QB. He actually got to be on the kick off team last week and I missed it because I was in the Ladies room. I missed him getting jacked by some big guy. Probably a good thing I missed that.

Jacob doing the wig out we won head move
Matthew(#18) on kick off team.

By the way they won. On to the 3rd round of the playoffs!

Go Cougars!!!!

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