Monday, November 24, 2008

Go Lady Cougs!!

Brittney's basketball team was in a JV Tournament Thursday - Saturday and they won first place. She didn't get to play because her ankle still looks like this:

She has been cleared by the trainer to play, but she still limps a little bit and the coach doesn't want her to further her injury and she hasn't practiced in a week and a half. She was a great water girl, always ready with her teammates water when they came off the floor.
Brittney is just to the right of the girl wit the plaque.

Who's House? Cougs House!!!!


Tyson and Kristina said...

Poor girl!! Tell her that I hope her ankle feels better so she can get back to whooping em! Thanks for the invite for thanksgiving dinner...we are headed to Albuquerque to meet up with fam! We wish you guys were coming too! We will come and visit in January or something! Happy Thanksgiving!

featherhead said...


Brittney said...

thanks for caring about me :)