Sunday, November 30, 2008

Proud of Matthew On and Off the Field

All good things must come to an end. Matthew's football is officially over. They lost 21-24 this Friday night. They lost to a team who is ranked 7th in the nation and 2nd in state so his team can hold their heads high.

Matthew didn't get a lot of playing time but was still a leader on and off the field. He earned 6 recognition jerseys through out the season and was on the Senior Leadership Council for the team. He has been nominated for the Academic All District Team of which we are very proud of. One night he went to a player's house and he ended up at our house with a few guys from his team. When asked why he didn't go to that guys house he said he did and they were going to a party that he didn't think would have a good atmosphere and brought some of the players to our house instead. What a good leader he is!

We love you and are proud of you Matthew!!


featherhead said...

Go Matthew!! We are proud of you too!!

needlenut said...

Yeah, Matthew. We are so proud of you and you set such a good example for your sisters and all of us. Love, you. Grandma and Grandpa Smith

Karen said...

Love the cute picture of you guys on parents night!