Sunday, November 9, 2008

Did someone say, "District Champs"

Matthew's High School Football Team finally did it. Did what you ask. They beat the Katy Tiger's. Our school is 10 years old and has faced this team 8 time without success. Last year this team was the Texas 5-A State Champions(something this team is accustomed to). Not only did we beat them we won the District 17 5-A Championship!! Go Cougars....To State Playoffs we go.
We started yesterday off with a tailgate party in the morning and the game started at noon. We jumped off to a 14-0 lead which they quickly caught up to us. We were able to score another touchdown before halftime and went in with a lead of 21-14. After halftime, Katy came out and score right away 21-21 now. It was a defensive game from there on out. It remained tied at the end of regulation play...on to over time. We won the coin toss and elected to get the ball second. Overtime in high school is like college, you get the ball on the 25.
Katy threw an interception, so it was our turn on the 25.
On 3rd down we threw a touchdown pass for a 27-21 win!!
This is OUR YEAR!!!!

Brittney decorated the burb

The tail gate menu. You got to love this!

Jacob and I at the party

Final score! We are Home.
The team with their District Champs sign

Matthew #18 in the victory Alma Mater Line

Makenzie spreading the news to friends

Matthew strutting off the field(in all white, he took his jersey off?)

Brittney... Cougars are #1

Matthew's supportive sister's

Our Fans... Go Cougars!!!!
A packed house

The team's Victory Dance


Crazy Me... said...

Congratulations!!!! Go #18!!!!

Marti said...

This is where we were at instead of your wedding.... Sorry!