Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Curse of the Camera

Brittney had her first basketball game last night, she had a scrimmage last week. It all started off well and she was getting some playing time so I just had to take some pictures. As I had said in a previous post that my kids think the camera and video camera are a jinx. There might be something to that. Early in the 3rd quarter Brittney went down with an ankle injury. The trainer said it was a sprained Achilles, but when I took off her compression sleeve, so she could shower, her ankle was the size of an orange. She went in early this morning to the trainer for treatment and he said it was a sprained ankle. Hopefully she will recover quickly. She is still in pre-season play and districts won't start till January. What a bummer!! Dale has yet to see her play as he got there just after the injury.


Checking into the game
Ready for the steal

Get the rebound

Box out!

Injury's...This says it all

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