Monday, August 18, 2014

What the others were up to

I know i have spent a lot of time talking about what Jacob did over the summer, mostly because i wasn't with the other kids much.
Matthew lived in Midland, TX. He had an internship with ConocoPhillips. He worked hard, but also played on an intramural softball team, got free trips to the Rockhound games (baseball team), and free lunches. Over the 4th of July, he went with his roommates to Colorado and enjoyed the great outdoors including a trip up Pikes Peak. He also was able to see my parents. Matthew also had Lasik, which he paid for himself!

Brittney worked for Camp Journey, a special needs camp that she has always volunteered for, but this summer got paid. She loves working with these kids.

Makenzie worked 2 week of the Cinco Basketball camp and spent the rest of the summer as a lifeguard.

It is good when your children have jobs!!

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