Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dale and the kids arrive

Dale was one busy person. He got home from Nauvoo on Saturday and between he and Brittney, they got all the laundry done. Dale, left on Monday with Brittney, Makenzie and Jacob and drove to Midland, TX to pick up Matthew after he got off of work. They then drove to Dumas, TX and spent the night. They arrived at my nephew Nathan's house on Tuesday. We spent time there and the boys stayed with Nathan, the girls with Jyl and Dale and I got a hotel. Our kids love spending time with their nieces and nephews.

Matthew, Jacob and Kyle

Tom and Jyl's hand


Amryn and Makenzie

Dale and Nathan



Evan, Ethan, Eli and Issac 


Jyl and Tom, it was a little cool outside

Brittney trying to stay warm


Yes,my nephew gave me a red hoodie to wear. I only wear red if I am cold and that is the only color there is to wear!

Ethan mowing the yard

Nicole busy making bread

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