Saturday, August 2, 2014


The Stake took the Youth to Nauvoo for Stake Conference. Dale and I were Company Leaders. We left on Monday, July 28. We took buses and drove through the night. They left Nauvoo on August 1st and arrived back home on the 2nd. My trip was cu short. I got a phone call on the 30th that my dad was coming home from a rehab facility to Hospice care. I was able to get a flight out of St. Louis on the morning of the 31st. Our Bishop had a rental car for Dale to get me there. Unfortunately, my dad passed away shortly after midnight on the 31st so I was not able to see him before he passed. I will say I was grateful to be at Nauvoo with the people that were there as I felt of their love and prayers that helped me get through that tough time.
I did have a fun experience with our group for the time I was there. I was grateful for the easy going group we had as Dale was left to guide them while I was gone.

Our Company

The luggage for the 3 company's on our bus

Playing some Apples to Apples while we wait to board the bus

What we look like after a day and a half on a bus

Makenzie eating with her Company

Jacob with his buddies

Our Company

Dale with our Company

Lots of  bumble bees in Nauvoo

Jayden and Lauren and myself
These two girls were sweeties!

Ran into Makenzie when I was done at the temple

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