Friday, August 22, 2014

BYU road trip starts

We loaded up 3 cars with 4 drivers and headed to Utah. We had a very scary moment on the road. Just south of the Fort Worth area, we witnessed a car crash that involved a semi truck and it happened right in front of us. A car swerved in front of the semi  and hit the car in front of us and then the semi hit the car that swerved, that car went flying in the air and things started to fly off of the car, like a wheel, hub caps and bumper, we were able to dodge the wreck and the flying debris. We pulled into the median, since I was in the left lane, and wen to see if the person whose car flew through the air was ok and called 911.  It was a miracle that she was able to walk out of her car. The first car she hit was damaged and the gal couldn't get her key out of the ignition. The girls went and held her baby while she got in and got her car seat out. The highway patrol showed up and took our statements and then we headed off again. It was truly scary. Dale said, someone was watching out for us and I can't help but think my dad was there keeping us safe. We drove as far as Dumas, Texas and spent the night there, but first stopped in Amarillo to eat some Rosa's for dinner.

Remember the swollen feet and ankle? no more with these sexy socks!

Three cars that were BYU bound in the Whataburger parking lot.

The Sun setting as we were driving between Amarillo and Dumas

In the hotel with my sexy socks on again!

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