Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Final Earthly Goodbye

We laid my dad to rest on this day. I am writing this in February since I had fallen behind on my blog, but a lot of that was due to knowing I was going to have to write about this day. We had a very simple but beautiful service for my dad. There were many in attendance, if my parents stake had not had Trek going on, we may not have known where to put everyone. My dad is missed. I miss when I call their house and he would always ask me how many miles I ran that day. I miss when he calls for birthdays, Dale and Jacob have had birthdays since and just missed him calling. I know I will see him again and know he is watching over me. Love and miss you dad!

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My niece Jennifer

My sister Teri's Kids
Nathan, Kyle, Jyl and Kami

Adrian, Matthew. Evan and Jacob

Isaac< Eli and Avery 

Emeryson, Kyle, Nathan, Nicole, Isaac. Eli and half of Avery


Tom and Jyl

Becky, my brother Bobby's wife and 3 of their grand kids

More of my brother Bobby's and Becky's grandkids

My brother Les, his daughter(my niece) Michelle, her daughter, my nephew Thomas and Lula, my sister-in-law 

My niece Michelle's boys, My nephew Michael and his wife and my nephew Jon and his wife Courtney

My nephew Jeffrey and his fiance, Anthony, my niece Lauren's husband, and 4 of their 6 kids

My niece Amanda and her son, don't know who the other guy is, then Alisha and Chris, Chris is my nephew, then Jessica and her husband.
Amanda, Chris and Jessica are my brother Bobby's kids

My niece Lindsay and her husband Daniel and their daughter Mallory

All the grand kids minus, Jennifer who had to leave after the burial, Jared, who lives in Arizona and could not get off of work, Jason and Jordan . 

Buffalo Ears

My siblings
Jerry, Becky, Marti (myself), Teri and Les

My sister Becky's family

My bother Jerry's wife Carol sitting next to my mom

Me and my mom

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