Monday, July 30, 2012

Homecoming Talk

Matthew gave his homecoming talk in church yesterday. Dale was "lucky" enough to be able to speak also. We are so happy that Tyson, Kristina and their girls were able to come along with Erica an Derrick. We are sad that my parents weren't well enough to travel and be with us and we also missed Dale's parents. We miss you too Jyl and Tom(they were here for his farewell talk. Kristina, Alissa, Hannah, Erica and Derrick also joined me in my Primary class. It was a lot of fun to have them in there! We came home and Dale made fajitas and we munched on all the goodies everyone brought and sat around and visited. It was a great day!

Jacob, Marti, Dale, Makenzie, Brittney, Matthew, Tyson, Hannah, Alissa, Kristina, Lydia, Erica and Derrick

Erica and Derrick brought cupcakes and didn't want to leave them in the hot car during church so they put them in the kitchen at the church with this "warning" on the box.

Alissa and Hannah having a snack while waiting for the fajitas to cook

Gathering in the kitchen a Smith tradition

A happy Lydia

Alissa and Hannah

Derrick and Erica


Hannah has more frosting on her than in her

Alissa with tree climbing BYU Barbie(thanks to Derrick)

Matthew and Tyson

Lydia and Brittney

Lydia and Marti

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