Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Anxious and Sleep Deprived

So, Matthew really needs to get home so I can get some sleep. One night I had a dream that none of the clocks were on the same time and I had now idea what time it was, even all the TV stations had different times. When my alarm went off(in the real world) I went around the house making sure all the clocks were the same. Then two nights in a row I kept dreaming that I was painting around a door and I kept painting it over and over trying to get it right. I would wake up and dream this same dream over and over. Last night I had a dream where I couldn't get back to our house that we lived in in San Angelo. I would wake up and go back to sleep and be in the same place again trying to get to the house. I had a mild anxiety attack while vacuuming today. I can honestly say I am more anxious waiting for Matthew to return home than I was sending him off. It didn't help today when I got a short email from him today saying he is still trying to get over a stomach parasite he picked up a week ago. Keep him in your prayers so he can have a comfortable flight home.

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