Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July 2012

We started our 4th of July out by going to the church for a pancake breakfast. Dale worked hard at cooking pancakes and bacon. after we ate I went to the kitchen to clean a few bowls that had pancake batter in them only to find a bunch of dirty church dishes left behind from someone else. Brother Wilson and I decided to wash all the dishes, not just ours, at least there was air conditioning inside. The little kids had a bike/scooter parade while I was doing dishes.

We came home and relaxed for a little bit and decided to swim, but that was cut short by a Texas sized thunderstorm and down pour! I guess it was good to get some rain before everyone started to shoot off fireworks! Dale BBQ hamburgers and Jacob ate and went to hang out with a friend to watch the firework show. Later, the girls and I drove over to the high school and parked the car and walked around La Centerra(where the firework show was going to be) and then got our chairs and set up a place to watch the fireworks. Dale walked over and joined us. We forgot to bring repellent, so we got eaten alive by mosquito's. After the fireworks we walked back to the car and it took us a long time to get out of the parking lot. We should have walked home and came back and got the car. Jacob went to a friends house and shot off more fireworks.

Also we got our second to last email from Matthew yesterday. He is upbeat about his mission, but is ready to come home and we are ready to have him home!   

Brittney painted herself a pair of patriotic shorts

Makenzie and Brittney with our friend Liz and her daughter Brooke

Dale cooking away

My friends Liz and Melanie

Brittney and Makenzie waiting for fireworks to start

Brittney and Julia



Happy Fourth of July

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