Monday, January 9, 2012

We Love It

We started the New Year off with basketball, I know, what a surprise!
As we sitting at the dinner table last night we were going over the weeks activities, Tuesday, basketball, Wednesday, Mutual, Thursday basketball, Friday basketball, to which Makenzie said, "We Love it."
Makenzie played a team that they played in a tournament championship game. We were a little surprised when 5 members of that JV team were up on Varsity. Their JV team didn't look like the team we played a month earlier. We killed the JV team and our Varsity bench killed their Varsity. I made the comment that our JV could beat their Varsity and it occurred to me that we already had a month earlier.

This is who Makenzie had to guard this game
 This who she had to guard a month ago, this girl was on Varsity this time:
There was a bit of a size difference. Luckily our Varsity got to deal with it this go around!

The best thing from that day was a fashion statement by one of the dads from our freshman team. I only took a picture because another mom couldn't get her phone camera to work and I had my camera out.
Many husbands were informed that day that they would not be allowed to walk out of the house in this attire. Dale just might do it to embarrass me.

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