Monday, January 9, 2012


These made me lol(laugh out loud) this week:

"What do you call 53 grown men watching the Texans first playoff game at home?... The Dallas Cowboys"  Thomas Bennett's facebook status

"I have a bad feeling that we're in for some tough times. Bloodshed, hatred, and humanity at its worst. Yes, it's time for church basketball." Steve Brown's facebook status

It was determined by a "nose goes" that Matthew would take care of Dale when he is old, mostly because Matthew wasn't around when the kids did the nose goes. Last night Dale was talking about when Jacob was going to take care of him. Makenzie reminded him that it was Matthew that got him. Dale said fine, he will get all my money and my plane. Jacob said, "He can't even ride a bike, what makes you think he could fly a plane."

This is a quote from Coach Hammond, one of the girls basketball coaches, as he was pumping up our Varsity as they were getting ready to play the number 23 team in the state:
"I came here to chew bubble gum and kick ass! And guess what?...I ain’t got no bubble gum"

By the way, we beat that #23 team in the state!! 

While at that basketball game, I was on the floor taking pictures. Coach Clayton, the Varsity football coach, told the mascot to go rub Coach Hammond's head. She shook her head no. Clayton said she needed to rub it for luck and just then, Hammond rubbed his own head and Clayton said, see he likes his head rubbed. A few moments later, Coach Clayton is saying to me, get a picture of this. The mascot did rub his head.
It must have brought us luck, we won!

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