Monday, January 23, 2012

Things that make me smile!

Makenzie's team had their toughest game, all season, Friday night, and it was against our basketball rival, which we had already beat the first time we meet during District play. We came out on top, but barely. Makenzie probably had one of her best games ever. She caused turnovers, got some steals, rebounded like crazy and had some good moves and some good shots and this was all why the other team was taunting her over the  leg protection she wears on one of her shins. She said she heard it, but it didn't seam to affect her, especially at the free throw line. On a side note, the kid that was so obnoxious was almost going to have to wear leg protection , because I thought Dale might go down and kick him in the shin. The team was extremely happy to get this win and team out of the way!

I know I shouldn't laugh, but the look on the Refs face as he dodges the ball cracks me up!
We did feel a little sorry for him, because he had to ref the game before us by himself and started our game by himself until a Varsity ref got there and came in to help.

Making the lay-up after she stole the ball!

Another really nice shot

One of the coaches daughters.
We are the Cougars and playing the Spartans

I looked up and saw not only the JV parents cheering, but also the Varsity and Freshman parents.
This was only one section of fans also. There were fans to the right and left of this section.

We are the VISITOR!

This picture says it all!
Some look extremely happy and others have that look of relief on their face.

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