Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blonde Moments.....

I thought these were only for Brittney(haha, we love you Brittney), but I had a few last week.

Wednesday of last week we had over three inches of rain in the morning. That afternoon, I guess I figured we needed more water, but in the house. I was doing my monthly cleaning of my washer filter. There is a tube that you remove the cap from and drain any remaining water from the washer. You then take out the filter, clean it, and replace it. I did all that, except I forgot to replace the cap on the tube and started a load of laundry. I went upstairs to upload some basketball pictures. Luckily, Dale came home from work early only to notice water in the kitchen. I tried to flood the house. Again, I we were lucky that the water was contained to the laundry room, powder room and a small part of the kitchen, ALL TILE!! Dale got out the shop vac while I was soaking up the rest with our many beach towels conveniently located in the laundry room. I guess that's one way to clean your floors!

On Saturday, I locked myself in our bathroom(Miqui,you can stop laughing now), at least the toilet room in the bathroom. I went to leave and the door knob came off. I tried to put it back on the part that was still on on the other side. All I did was push that side off. I was trying to stick my finger in there to open it, but the door had been locked, so it wasn't as simple as pushing the lever. I don't keep anything sharp in the toilet room, magazines, toilet paper and feminine products are all that are in there. After many attempts to get out, I start yelling Dale's name through the hole. He was upstairs and it is really hard to hear anything from the bathroom up there. After a lot of yelling and banging on the door, Dale finally heard me and rescued me. Good thing he was home or I might  have had to  break the door down. On the bright side, I had a bathroom to use if  nature called.  

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