Friday, September 11, 2009

Visiting Teaching Experience

This was my friend Facebook status the other day. This is too funny not to share.

" I had a new experience with visiting teaching yesterday. I visit an older couple the husband is 80. They sent me home with an armload of church books. My daughter was looking through one of the books and found quite a treat! It's a Polaroid of the husband many years ago, um....naked on the couch with a small blanket over his privates"


  • He didn't want to reveal his pearl of great price
  • What!?!?
  • Oh, My, Gosh! Can you imagine how that guy would feel if he knew that you found that there?! That's definitely quite a visiting teaching experience
  • That's soooooo funny. I never get VT assignments like that.
  • That's great! What shocks me the most is you can get your kids to look at church books!
  • I'm thinking you need to post in the ward newsletter as "lost and found"
  • By their "fruits" ye shall know them....
  • Hmmmmm, now where did I put that photograph
  • I always get the boring assignments
  • I was not at home when my daughter found the priceless picture. She called me and was laughing so hard, and told me that she had found a picture of him in one of the books. I said, oh we will have to return that to them. She goes.... ya, something tells me that they won't want this one back. I asked her why and she said, Oh....just wait till you get home and see. We have not stopped the laughter since!
  • My stomach is killing me from laughing so hard
  • The whole experience makes it even funnier!!!!!!!!
  • Ha ha. Just don't let them know you've told everyone on FB! (and now a blog)
  • Perhaps he likes to role play the scriptures....Genesis....Adan and Eve come to mind
  • We're having a visiting teaching conference in a couple of weeks. I'll be sure to share this story to emphasize the blessings that come when we fulfill our VT responsibilities. BTW, what ARE you going to do with the photo?
  • All of your comments make me laugh harder guys! Husband is out of town.... the evil side of me is saving the picture so that he can see it. After that I will do the right thing and shred it. The memory however is burned deeply into my mind and I will never be able to look at him the same.

The daughter who found this is 16. Names were left out to protect the innocent.

What would you do with the picture?


Mayor of CrazyTown said...

That is the best visiting teaching story I have ever heard. :)

needlenut said...

That is hysterical. Puts a whole new light on VT.