Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Faith of a Child

Matthew found this paper in the Primary Room 2 years ago when he was helping me set up for our ward. A kid from the previous ward left it. Matthew thought it was cute so he took it home. I felt it was timely to share it since BYU beat OU this weekend.
Go Cougars!!!

Since the kids know many OU fans they decided to wear their BYU shirts to school today. All last week OU fans kept telling them how BYU was going to get crushed. The kids thought they might get beat also, but hoped that they wouldn't get beat too bad. We were at the high school game when they announced the score, we already new BYU had won, but when they said we have a score from Dallas, I stood up and yelled as loud as I could before they even announced the score. When they announced it many people cheered, especially Texas fans because they hate OU. It was nice to be backed up by Texas fans!

They really are excited to be BYU fans, it was just early and the school thing kind of crushed their spirit.

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Goose said...

The school thing crushes my spirits too...school stinks.