Sunday, September 13, 2009

She is Tough

We started soccer season yesterday. Makenzie had 2 games. It was a rough start for her. She plays goalie and was shot on all day long. We had no defense. She had 2 games yesterday and I think she gave up more goals yesterday than in the past 3 years, I'm serious. She did have a lot of nice saves, but you can only stop so many. To make matter's worse, while stopping a goal, the girl who kicked the ball landed on Makenzie's leg, just below her knee and above her shin guard. She was hurting, but stayed in the game because they only would have one sub. Her leg is still quite bruised today. We have wrapped it to keep the swelling down. I don't think her Jr. High volleyball coach is going to be too happy tomorrow. This was a nice save. She touched it to deflect it away from the goal
This is the injury happening

She is in pain!

She had this ball and her own teammate kicked it in the goal
Nothing like rubbing "salt in the wound"

Getting off a nice kick even after being hurt

Home with ice on her shin

Bruise, complete with mud on her knee


Crazy Me... said...

oh no! I hope it gets better soon!

grandma/mom said...

Go McKensie! Love you competitive attitude!!

grandma/mom said...

Sorry I do know how to spell your name Makenzie!!

Josh and Cassie Viets said...

It's a shame she's stuck in goal - she's so good with her feet! Maybe they'll end up making her the defense, too :)