Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer's Last Hoorah

We did all of our "labor" on Saturday so we could enjoy Labor Day with friends. We had 3 families over and the kids had friends over for swimming and a barbeque. We had a fun day and the weather was nice and hot so the pool felt good. What a great way to end the summer!

Dale cooking the hamburgers and hotdogs

Laufenbergs and Shorts

I got to hold the baby!!!


Brittney and her "friend"
Dale relaxing after cooking

Watching everyone swim

Pool games


Jacob and his friend, Thomas

Taking cover in some shade

It's all good!

Time to get out Dale's new toy, his helicopter

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grandma/mom said...

Looks like a fun day. Sorry we haven't had Matthew over but we have been so busy with new baby and helping 4 of our kids relocate. Plus brent's brother and his wife left for a mission so we have his mom as our reponsibility. Plus a Primary program. I think things effect me more since I am OLD now:) We will get him over after next week!!