Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SeaWorld Part 2

We made another trip to SeaWorld yesterday. This time we added Makenzie and my sister's family, well, part of her family. It was really hot!!!
Thumbs up for SeaWorld

Jacob and Megan



All wet, but it feels good!

Yay for Shamu

Yay for fun times
Jacob won all this in a basketball throw

Just chillin'

Kids in front of the fun water ride :)

I believe you can by this for $5.99 + tax

Brittney being attacked by Shamu

We love Shamu!

Becky, Megan and Thad.
Way to get into the picture Thad!

Makenzie holding Shamu up

Becky, Megan and Thad


Makenzie and Jacob in the Splash Zone

Shamu, Shamu!!

Jacob riding Shamu

So cool with the glasses! So cool because there was A/C!

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