Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Beach in Galveston

What do you do when family comes to visit in July and it is really hot? You take them to a beach in Galveston. It's not a California beach, but it is still a beach. A lot of the sand it still up against the seawalls from hurricane Ike, but they have cleaned off the stairs so you can get down to the beach. There were lots of repairs going on at the beach, but at least it was open! Megan, Thad and my sister, Becky
The girls walking out with the boogie board

Catch that wave

Jacob on the skin board

Little surfer dude

Beach Bums


They have hops!

So do we! How's that for two non-teenagers!

Makenzie's feet stuck in the sand

Thad has some hops also!

My sweet little son!

Thad, you can push on the ground all you want and it won't move
Jacob trying!

Coming back from the shops. Becky and I stayed and watched our stuff.

Got home and jumped into the pool to wash all the sand off.... SPLASH!!

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