Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun Young Women Leaders

What do Young Women leaders do when they are accused of Facebook Stalking? They stalk those that accuse them. After Mutual Wednesday night a few of the girls went to TGIFridays. Two of the YW Leaders (my good friends)followed and brought their window chalk. They didn't get Brittney's car there because they weren't sure it was actually her car(actually it is ours, she just drives it.) They came to do the neighbor girl's car and then they decided they had to do mine and Dale's car. While writing on the cars, Brittney got home, but didn't say a word to us. After Brittney went in the house they got her car also. I didn't get a pictures of Dale's since he wiped it off before he went to work, but hey wrote Hottie on the front passenger window and a bubble around the driver front window. They also put hearts on the side windows. I had to give them a hard time about hitting on my husband. I also found out my friend Melanie, one of the window artists was waving and making faces at our security camera's, unfortunately it wasn't recording at the time. That would have been a funny YouTube video.

Here is the back of my Suburban.
This is what my friend Liz called me up at Girls Camp last year.

What fun Young Women's leaders and friends!!

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Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness....who are these outrageously funny people?