Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Sis

Happy Birthday to my little sister, Becky. Just thought I'd go through my albums and share a few pictures from the past. Be grateful I was very selective. Hope you have a great day.

Becky and our dog, Pat
Christmas. Don't you love the paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.

Becky and I with our dog.

Another Christmas. We are wearing our Rangely Spartan sweatshirts our brother Jerry brought home from college.

watering the lawn

On Trail Ridge Road in the back of our truck. This was of course when you were allowed to ride in the back of trucks.

This was taken when I came home for Thanksgiving my freshman year at BYU

Graduation....Class of 1984

Trip to California 1982

At Becky's wedding

Mid 80's Don't you love the hair and pants?

Easter 1987....Becky was prego with #3

Summer 2009

I still act younger than her!

Love you little sister!



dagus1976 said...


You guys are old.

Marti said...

We may be old, but we are potty trained!