Thursday, December 11, 2008

Scuba in the Pool

Yesterday Night the Priest Quorum had a scuba diving activity at our house. We heated the pool and it was a good thing since it hovered around freezing all night long. All the men and boys wanted to still do the activity even though it was so cold. The mom's on the other hand weren't so sure. Me, I say let them go since I spent 2 days heating the pool and cleaning all the leaves out!One of those guys is Matthew
Jacob is in the middle and Dale is on the right.
We let Jacob skip Pack Meeting so he could scuba dive. He had a great time!


My 3 handsome guys in the hot tub after their scuba expeditions

One of the blobs is Matthew. Jacob said he was the ugly blob.

Matthew along with others

Dale jumping from the hot tub to the pool. We had all the heat going to the hot tub at that time so the pool wasn't as warm.

Dale and Jacob under water

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Pope said...

I can't believe they were out swimming that night... we were at the pack meeting and it was snowing on us when we left! Someone stole Tanner's sweatshirt that night, so he went home in shorts and a t-shirt! It was VERY cold. I bet they'll never forget that one!!