Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa Was Good to Us

I made the kids sing for their presents.
It was somewhat singing.
They did get to open presents.

I had to take a picture also.

Matthew getting an XBox game

Makenzie excited over new cami's...

Brittney's new camera

Jacob has an obsession with chihuahuas

The aftermath

Whoever is paying for all of this, please raise your hand

Look who got new running underwear

Presents put to use

It was a relaxing Christmas. In the afternoon friends came over and played with the kids. I think they enjoyed all they got. I haven't heard any complaints, except maybe from Dale and I as we have had to listen to kids and their friends sing. The American Idol 2 game didn't come with earplugs! I hope all of our family and friends had a safe and enjoyable Christmas!


Mayor of CrazyTown said...

Merry Christmas!

needlenut said...

So glad they enjoyed American Idol 2. We had good Christmas but an even better day after. Grandpa is recovering very well and was up and around a lot today. Even got him to have a good dinner.

Karen said...

Love that you make your kids sing for their presents...I am so doing that next year :)))

Elizabeth said...

How fun!! So glad that I got to see some singing. Still expect it in person though. I might even open the door this time. just kidding we were actually out af town. I love Dale's fancy pants.

Clark Family said...

Ok. I will never sing once there was a snowman again without cracking up at that image. Watch out American Idol!!