Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2008-09 Academic All-State 2nd Team!

Yes, I know football is over. Matthew just got his football pictures today. He looks so handsome. I think this is the best picture he has ever had taken. But wait, there is really good news. We found out today that Matthew made the 2008-09 Academic All-State Football Teams. He made the second team. There is a 1st team, 2nd team and honorable mention.
Here is how he was selected:
The Texas High School Coaches Association (THSCA) and State Farm Insurance are proud to announce the THSCA Academic All-State Football teams for 2008-09. The teams are selected by a point system that awards points for GPA, class rank and SAT or ACT score. The student/athletes are then placed on teams according to the number of points they have earned.
The Elite team represents the highest point total that can be achieved. Criteria required to be nominated is 1) a senior with an overall GPA of 92 or above, including grades 9-12 and the first six weeks of grade 12; 2) Be a member of the team in good standing at the time of nomination; 3) Be of good moral character.
Congratulations to Matthew!!


Jenny said...

Wow, very impressive Matthew!!! :) And congrats on the 1st acceptance letter, that is so exciting! Hopefully you'll end up somewhere in Utah though (I'd suggest the U of U...)! Since when did you get so big? I think the last time I saw you you were a scrawny little ninth grader...and now you're going to college! Wow!

Marti said...

He really wants to go to BYU, but they haven't sent any letters out yet. I think the U is out for him, in fact I'm pretty sure. No offense.