Friday, December 12, 2008

5th Grade Christmas Concert

Jacob had his 5th grade choir Christmas Concert last night. The choir is optional. The only reason he does it, as do a lot of the boys, is for the Sea World Trip in the spring. It's not that he hasn't been to Sea World, just not with his friends. He wasn't very enthusiastic about the concert or the clothes he had to wear. He was on the front row, first one on the left. It was hard to get good pictures since I was in the back video taping and the lighting wasn't very good on that row. Here are a few pictures and video snippets of some of the songs.

Doesn't he look excited... This s about a third of the kids

Jacob and his best friend Thomas.
Jacob is trying not to laugh...
He smiles :)

I think they did a great job for 5th graders!!

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featherhead said...

At least it was for a trip to Sea World and not for the girls...just give him a few years!!