Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Living in Houston, Texas you don't exactly get the feeling of Winter during the Christmas Season, although today is the exception. It has been between 34 and 36 degrees all day with strong wind and rain,in fact it just started to sleet, but it will warm up in a few days. Back to my point, since we don't have too much winter weather, I have to decorate the house to make it look like Christmas. This is what I've been up to. Sorry that there are so many pictures, I was going to do a slide show, but then I couldn't describe my pictures.

The Nativity in my Living Room

All the stocking s hung with care

This is my Music Tree. You cant really see all the instruments on it. It has french horns, violins, trumpets, notes and ribbons and angels, bows, gold, cream and burgundy ornaments and cream and burgundy stuffed fabric hearts. This tree is in the piano room.

The Nativity in the entry way

Looking up the stairs

The Dining Room. I have 3 small Christmas trees and put lights on my ficus tree. There is also another Nativity just below the mirror.

This is my Sports tree. I had a zillion sports pictures of my kids so I laminated them and got some sports ball ornaments and slapped them on a tree. I also have stars with their names on them. There is gold and silver star garland on it. I need to make one of those mums I talked about in a previous blog to put on top.

Close up of Sports tree

This is the potpourri tree. My mom gives all her grand kids a ornament every year so they are all on the tree. It also has all the ornaments the kids have made and all the ones we get from others.

The Family room upstairs.

Another view of the potpourri tree

This is my Food tree, at least that's what the neighbors call it. I string popcorn and cranberries, make real gingerbread men, add some candy canes and real cinnamon sticks bundles together. Some of the non edibles are fake apples, bows, bells, and pine cones. Kind of an Old Fashion Tree.

Living Room

Another shot of the living room


Another outside shot
Hope everyone is have a safe and happy Holiday Season!!


needlenut said...

How beautiful. Wish we were going to be there to share it with you. Maybe next year. It really is lovely. Miss all you.

featherhead said...

Boy you've been busy.... want to come to my house. :)

Elizabeth said...

Your house looks awesome!! I might have to come over and visit the "food tree"

Melissa said...

You stole my title for a great post. I am hoping that I have a great picture in the morning of snow sticking to the ground so I can use that title.
Your house is beautiful. How many trees do you have? We aren't putting up a tree since we will be leaving next week. My poor deprived kids.

Tyson and Kristina said...

wow, I LOVE your house!!! Can I move in?!!! I love that you have decorated to every possible degree but is looks absolutely beautiful! I hope I can have a home like yours at Christmas time one day! By the way, My granddad still LOVES twinkies and 7-up!! How funny and a fun memory too!

Marti said...

Tami, would love to come to you house, not to decorate, just visit