Friday, April 17, 2015

State Soccer Y

Both our girls and boys soccer teams made it to the state tournament, final 4. I drove up to Georgetown and Jacob drove up with friends to watch them play. The girls lost their first game in a shoot out. Jacob and I went to Rosas for lunch and then headed back to the boys game. It started late because of rain and then once it started we kept getting more delays caused by lightening and rain. Jacob and I finally left because he had the ACT in the morning. We were held up on the road because of an accident in which they closed the highway, we should have stayed at the game. Well the boys won and went on to play on Saturday. Unfortunately they lost, we didn't drive up to the game, instead we watched it on TV.

Me and the rest of the Cinco student body stopped here

Rain stay away for the girls game

The girls team preparing to play

Yummy lunch

At the boys game

The boys preparing to play

Down comes the rain

The highway is closed and we sat for an hour.

Watching Saturdays game at home.

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