Friday, April 24, 2015

Graduation Day 2

We started the day off with an 8 am graduation, this is where Brittney walked and got her diploma, well her diploma case. After the graduation, we took some family pictures and then Dale and Matthew headed to the ski slopes to ski with ski with Dale's brother Dave, meanwhile, the girls ad I along with Brittney's friend Josinah, went to a reception for all the  graduating members of the Math department. After the reception, us girls went around campus taking pictures. The girls headed back to their apartments/dorms to finish packing up. That evening we had dinner with Carolyn and Kristen. When the guys got back, we loaded up the vehicles. I was a little tired by the end of the day!

My "go juice" to get me through the 8am graduation

Ready to head into the Wilk for graduation

The guys have lost interest

High Five from Makenie

The family minus Jacob who was back home at school

Brittney and her friend Josinah

Josinah and Makenzie hacked my phone

The building Brittney lived in

Yay, naked indian pics

Brigham Young himself

Smith girls rock

Kicking back while Brittney and Makenzie pack

Zupas with these fun girls
Carolyn, Kristen, Brittney and Makenzie
It is pouring rain outside!

Marti and Carolyn

Matthew, Dale and Dave

Here comes Dale

More Dale

Matthew, Dale and Dave

Dale and Matthew

Dale at the ski resort

This is how Brittney moves her stuff to the car from the 4th floor with as few trips as possible

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