Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Headed to Utah

Dale and I flew out to Utah for Brittney's graduation. We stopped at Ashlee's for haircuts on the way to Provo. Got to Provo and hit up the bookstore and then went to Brick Oven that night with Carolyn, Kelly and Kristen and Brittney brought her friend Josinah.

Yummy breakfast taco from Pappasitos at the airport

Matthew trying to put the minion costume on Dale

Headed to the BYU Bookstore

Bought this for Brittney

Dale, the Colorado School of Mines Miner and his 3 BYU Cougars

Mama and her cougars

Kelly, Dale and Cory

At Brick Oven and everyone left me

Jacob was there in sign, he is our bread lover

The gang!
Matthew, Makenzie, Josinah, Brittney, Kristen, Kelly, Dale, Marti and Carolyn

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