Sunday, April 26, 2015

Family BBQ

Sunday morning, we got up and visited a few hours with my mom and then headed south to my nieces and nephew's homes where we all gathered that evening for a BBQ, we also celebrated, Brittney's graduation, Makenzie, Adrian and Ethan's birthdays. We had a big turn out and a we appreciate Nicole and Nathan opening their home up to everyone.

Mom and my nephew Nathan

We told Isaac if he concentrated enough he could open his can with his mind.
While his eyes were closed we opened it and he opened his eyes and said "cool"

Dale wearing his BYU shirt

Avery and Emersyn, my great nieces 

Trying to slice lemons

Making lemonade

Brittney and Grandma Brink
My mom does better duck lips than me

Thad, Erin, Greg, Carol, Becky, Jerry and little Timmy

Mallory, Lindsey, Brittney and Nicole

Megan and Brandon, my niece and nephew aka my sister Becky's kids

Christen, Brandon's wife


Brittney with some baby time

My niece Lindsey and her daughter Mallory

Part of the Brink Clan

My niece Jyl and nephew Brandon and Tom, Jyl's husband

My niece Jessica and her husband and son Evan and my niece Amanda and her daughter Haley

My brother-in-law Thad and Dale holding the babies

My nephew Kyle

My mom and sister Becky with the babies

Me with my brother Jerry and my sister Becky

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