Friday, September 19, 2014

Maui: Day 6 Air and Sea

Today we traveled by helicopter and boat. We took a helicopter tour over parts of Maui and then over to the island of Molokai.We saw many magnificent waterfalls, that you really can only see by air. All the pictures we took did not do it justice, also there was reflections off the windows and you could  our yellow life jackets that were around our waste. Luckily, they video taped our flight with commentary from the pilot and we purchased it.
After the flight we headed back to the hotel and hung out at the beach for awhile. That night we took a sunset cruise on a sailboat. it was fun to just relax and watch the sunset from the ocean.

Glad we did not have to use these!

Can't believe I am on a helicopter 

Dale taking pictures of me taking pictures

Dale is proud of himself

Coming back to the heliport 
We survived

Our ship is arriving

Yes, we walked out into the water to get on the sailboat 

The nice couple we talked to on the boat

The captain 

Headed back to land

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