Saturday, September 13, 2014

Football Game 3

We got the win and Jacob had another good game and had a quarterback sack. I got a field pass to take pictures on the sidelines, so the pictures a re a little better since I'm not sitting in the stands, but on a down side, I don't get to sit with Dale and also where you can stand on the sidelines is limited, but it is all good.
Dale standing in the parent line.
Before the game, the parents meet for a prayer and then we line up as the boys come out of the locker room.
I really love this about Texas football.

The sign in front of the cougar head

Jacob emerging out of the smoke 

Touchdown Cinco

Jacob in on a tackle and pass break up

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Jacob sacking the quarterback

Jacob getting some love from a teammate after the sack

Jacob on the Jumbo tron

Alma Mater line after the game

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