Saturday, May 3, 2014

Trip to Utah and Colorado

I flew out to Utah to help Matthew and Brittney drive home. I got there on Tuesday afternoon. That night we had dinner at the Brick Oven with Carolyn and Kristen and some of the kids friends.We left Wednesday morning and drove to Colorado. We actually hit snow going through the mountains we stopped on Vail Pass so we could take pictures and I could make a snow angel, it's been years since I've had enough snow to do that. We stayed at my parents house on Wednesday night, my brother Jerry and his wife Carol came by and visited. Thursday, Brittney and I headed south to have my niece, Kami, cut my hair. after my haircut, we met up with my nieces, Jessica, Amanda and Jyl and my sister-in-law Becky and had lunch. It was so good to see Amanda, Jessica and Becky, since I haven't seen them in years. On the way back to my parents house, Brittney and I stopped at Colorado School of Mines to pick up a few new shirts for Dale, he always asks me what I got him when I start passing out things to the kids from the BYU bookstore, so now I can say I got him something. Thursday night, my sister Becky and her husband Thad came over to my parents house and we ordered some hamburgers and fries for dinner. My niece Megan also game over and a little bit later my niece Erin, her husband and kids also came over. We had a nice visit with everyone. That night the kids and I drove to my niece Jyl's house and stayed the night there, since we wouldn't have to drive through Denver traffic in the morning. We left for Texas Friday morning. We stopped in Wichita Falls, TX and stayed the night and then headed home on Saturday. It was a short trip, but I got to see a lot of people and play in snow.

My early morning breakfast from Pappasitos

The sun starting to come up

Me after 2 1/2 hours of listening to the very load ladies sitting behind me. Everyone was frustrated with them, because we all just wanted to relax and sleep!

It was 92 the day before at home, so I was a bit cold!

We hope this is where Makenzie will be next year!

A beautiful view from the track 
Mark Hamil, aka Luke Skywalker was my teenage crush. I asked for him for Christmas one year and got an action figure of him and now my daughter has a life size cut out of him in her apartment.

Spring on the campus of  BYU

Fresh snow on Timp.

Sometimes I make snow angels at the end of April!

My brother Jerry and I with our parents

Matthew and Brittney with my parents
A lot of hair from my head on the floor

We chopped a bunch of hair off

Kami, my niece and my hairdresser! 

Brittney with her cousins, Jyl wasn't there yet so we missed her.

My sister-in-law Becky, I haven't seen her in 12 years. Love you Becky!

Yes, we took a picture of the "M" for Dale

My cute great-niece, Lily

Matthew and Brittney with their cousins, Megan and Erin, and look, Brittney isn't the shortest one!

Timmy and Lily on Calvin the tiger

Leaving Colorado

Entering Texas, but still a long ways to go

Stopped in Amarillo for dinner,love us some Rosa's!

Stopping at Buc-ee's means, there is only a few more hours to go

We traveled 1600 miles, actually it was about 1599.5, but I drove around the block to get the speedometer to 1600. 

And the driveway is full!

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