Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Seminary Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

The Annual Seminary Teacher Appreciation Breakfast was a success as usual, this is where the kids invite their favorite high school teacher(s) to come to Seminary for breakfast. Jacob invite Coach Mathis, his AP World History teacher and Makenzie invited 3 teachers, Coach Fincher, her throwing coach, Mr. Richard her AP Physics teacher and Mr. Gardner, she had him last year, but still see and talks to him a lot. All the kids got to say something about why they choose that teacher, Jacob said history is boring, but Coach Mathis makes it fun. Makenzie just talked about how Coach Fincher was so helpful and a good coach and he believed in her, she said Mr. Richard is just a great teacher and really helps you learn. Makenzie made the comment that Mr. Gardner would say she slept a lot in his class, but it wasn't that true, but Mr. Gardner, just laughed and shook his head. We really are appreciative of all the teachers!!

Makenzie, Coach Fincher, Mr. Gardner and Mr. Richard

Jacob and Coach Mathis

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