Saturday, May 17, 2014

Silly Boys, Trucks are for Girls

Makenzie got a new truck. That is the vehicle she wanted, but Dale was having a hard time finding a Tacoma for her since they were flying off the lots and she also wanted this color. Dale got a call from his car guy at the Toyota Dealership and he said they had a Tacoma come in and it was the color we were looking for, it was being processed and the windows tinted and should be ready in a few hours. Dale went down there, took it for a drive and purchased it. Makenzie was at lifeguard training, so she had no idea we got it. We tracked her on her phone and as she got close to the house i was upstairs above the garage ready to video her reaction to the new truck. She just got out of her car, took a picture for snap chat and went in the house. She was really excited though!

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