Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Football is For Girls

Makenzie played in the Senior Girls Powder Puff Game.She was #18, seems to be a good number in our family, at least for football. The Senior football players coach. There are a lot of pictures since she played a lot. She was the quarterback on offense and played a lot of defense also. They lost their first game by a point and won their second game.
Introducing their team

Warming up

Getting ready to play

Makenzie playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who got the ball first. She won! 
Yay! We won Rock, Paper, Scissors! 

Makenzie threw and interception and everyone missed the flag. Makenzie's goalie skills came into play!
I love the coach with his hand on his head in worry. 

She got the flag and saved a touchdown. No more worries for the coach!

She had a nice run here. There are 30 pictures from start to finish , but I will only use 3

Do you think she has watched some football in her days, as she knows to stretch the ball  over the goal line.

Her football trophy. I guess they thought the flags were up around her neck.

The team at the end minus one who left with a fractured shoulder.
Flag football can be rough!

Silly Boys, Football is for Girls!

A rare picture these days, all 4 kids together. Jacob had just finished practice so I grabbed him for a picture.

Nick Mika and Makenzie, they are friends now, but in the Fall....

...they will be rivals! Nick will be playing football for that Red School (University of Utah) just the road from BYU in the Fall. 

Denzel and Makenzie

Waleed and Makenzie

Trent and Makenzie

Ian and Makenzie 

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