Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hawaii Day Four

We slept in a little bit and then headed off to climb Diamond Head. After that we just hung out at the beach along with everyone else celebrating the Fourth of July. That night we went to sit on the beach and watch fireworks. Dale was afraid we wouldn't be able to see them from where we were sitting and he was right. They started to go off and everyone rushed down the beach to see them. We could see them for awhile until everyone started to put their kids on their shoulders and it blocked the view so we left and went and got dinner at IHop.

There was a party going on out there. People were swimming out there with coolers.

Brittney and Makenzie floating on tubes

Jacob surfing again

Dale floating on a tube. I went out first then Dale went out. Someone had to keep an eye on our stuff 

Waiting for fireworks which was a bust

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