Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy 62nd Anniversary

My parents celebrate 62 years of marriage today. I posted a picture of them with me and wished them a Happy Anniversary on Facebook. I just had to share what one of their friends wrote,

" I have to make a second post....I have known the Brinks for many years and they have blessed my life in many ways. Betty and I taught a religion class to the youth of our church so 5 days a week at around 5:30 AM Betty and I said good morning and spent an hour with kids that we loved who loved us. Some days there would be a few who would just be out of it that morning, tired, bored, just wanting to sleep some more and honestly there were mornings when I would have liked to just declare a sleep day and lay my head on a table and snore. Betty was always there, smiling, up lifting and being an amazing teacher. I fell in love with this wonderful lady and in all the years dear Betty has always been my friend, has always had my respect and I continue to love my dear friend. I have been blessed to serve in my church with Bob for years. I have knelt in prayer with him. We have cried together when some of the work we were doing brought tears of joy and tears of sorrow. Bob was the wise man that could make sense of something and with just a few words would instruct me and I would learn. He always had a group of kids around him and I finally learned that they were there because he always had a treat in his jacket pocket and after I watched I found out the treat was a bonus because they really loved him. I sat next to him and he had his scripture setting on the table and I saw a name embossed on the cover only it was not Bob it was Harry Buffalo. There was a great story about the name and why it was on his scripture. I love Bob he was always been a hero to me. I respect him and am so grateful we share a friendship that will be with us forever. I have come to know some of their children and see in their lives the strength of parents that love their children and who are now building strong families of their own. I value their love and feel it a great and wonderful privilege to share friendship with them. May God bless you Betty and Bob thank you for blessing my life."  Theron John

Theron, I couldn't have said it any better!

Happy 62nd Anniversary and many more!

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