Friday, July 5, 2013

Hawaii Day Five

Today we went to Pearl Harbor where we saw the USS Missouri Battleship, the USS Arizona Memorial and afterwards  drove by the Punchbowl Cemetery and saw the state capitol. We took a tour bus since that would have been the only way we could have made it onto the Missouri and Arizona. This was the one thing we absolutely had to see while we were in Hawaii. We hopped on a bus at 6 am and returned back to the hotel at about 1 pm.

Battleship Missouri and Arizona Memorial

The Missouri

Only 31 stars. You might think this is backwards, but on a ship the stars always face the front.

On a boat headed to the Arizona Memorial

Some of the Arizona remains

Back on the Missouri. I ws taking pictures on my phone and my camera

A view from the Captains chair

Battleship row markers

More Arizona remains

More of  Battleship row

The Punchbowl Cemetery 

Justice Building

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