Monday, June 24, 2013

Picking up the oldest

I flew out to Utah on June 20th and by the 21st, Brittney. Matthew and I were on the road to Colorado. On Saturday the 22nd, we spent the day at my parents house. We had a nice visit!! Dale flew in that night. His plane was suppose to be there at 7 pm, but didn't get there until almost 11 pm. Dale and Matthew drove home in his truck, while I drove home with Brittney. It was a short trip, but everyone is home.

My brother Jerry and I

My sister Becky and I with our parents

My sister Becky and I

Me with my parents

Me and my Dad

Me and my mom

Jyl and Brittney

Jyl and Tom

My dad with Matthew and 2 of his Great grandsons, Evan and Adrian
We got to eat at Rosa's on the way back to Texas

Slight delay, Matthew had a nail in his tire, luckily it was never flat!

Tire fixed and on the road again

The sun setting in Texas

Brittney driving

The last stop before home

We've been in this car too long

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