Thursday, June 6, 2013

Astro's Game

Dale got some company ticket's for the Astros game. It was a 1 pm game, so of course Dale jumped on that to get the afternoon off of work. The Astros lost and it was kind of a boring game. We had more fun listening to the 4 teenage girls sitting behind us, we got caught up on the Kingwood high school gossip.There were a couple of the girls that knew nothing about baseball and there were a few funny comments from them, her are my two favorite.
"I don't understand this scoreboard, all I know is that it is the 4th inning"  It was the 6th inning!
There was a runner on 3rd base and the 3rd base coach was talking to the runner, girls comment, "Can they both be on the same base?"  It was funny to me.
After the game, we came home and had cake and ice cream!!
When I was a kid, the score boards were so much simpler! I went to many baseball games with my Dad and he would ask, 'How many 1's(or another number)are on the scoreboard?" Now days, the number would change before you could finish counting! 

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