Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Empty Nesters

Dale and I are empty nesters this week, Makenzie is at Girls Camp and Jacob is on Scout High Adventure canoeing  trip in Arkansas. This is a good time to do some projects since I won't be interrupted by having to take Jacob here and there. Yesterday I spent the day pruning and trimming all the landscaping in the front yard. Today I cleaned my carpets since there would be no kids to run all over them while they dry. I planned on laying out in the pool while they dried, but mother nature had other plans, it poured down rain this afternoon, it wasn't even suppose to rain. I want to put Round-up on all the weed growing in the cracks in the sidewalk and on all the weeds in the landscaping around the pool so I can mulch, but we keep having rain in the afternoons. This rain is interfering with my plans!

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