Monday, October 22, 2012

Post Program Class

Yesterday we had the Annual Primary Program at church. It is one of my favorites. As a Primary teacher I got to sit up on the stand with the kids. My whole married life, I've been on the stand all but maybe 5 times. I've either been in a Presidency, playing the piano or teaching. I'm just glad I didn't have to write the program, because I've done that more than I've cared to. This year we had some really fun songs! We sang one in Spanish, did sign language to one and learned 2 new songs, As a Child of God and Stand Up and Be Counted. I love both of them.

As a teacher, the Presidency said we didn't have to do a lesson as the kids would be wound up from the Program and my class is usually wound up anyways. I was trying to decide what to do to fill 45 minutes. Jacob suggested I take The Friend Magazine, but take out the page that has the hidden CTR ring on it and tell the kids the first one to find the ring gets a treat. He said it would take the whole class time since the ring page would be out. I love the way Jacob thinks. As funny as that would be, I just elected to print out some Article of Faith word searches and some coloring pages. I brought the laptop and showed a couple of church videos while they colored and found words. I also loaded them up with snacks and candy. It was a successful class. They were still a little wound up, but they were more calm then when I try to reach a lesson. Some of the kids told me it was a really fun class. Hopefully they won't get to use to that.

I forgot to mention, one of the kids stuck a m&m up his nose and he smashed it in there. That was fun to clean up. Luckily it happened at the very end of class. The joys of 7 year olds. Love them anyways.

I only had 7 kids there, I usually have 10. I'm not sure where I would have put everyone, since we just had a new ward formed yesterday and they put a bunch of stuff that was in the new Bishop's office in that room. We could hardly get to the other side of the table and I stood the whole class time because I could fit a chair for me in there.


Erin Alldredge said...

Our Primary program is next week. I can honestly say I am not thrilled to be sitting up on the stand keeping the sunbeams in line. It also doesn't help that they only called me to primary about a month ago (we wont talk about how they released a 6 month pregnant women from teaching Sunday school only to throw her in with the sunbeams) and I don't know half of the songs they are singing. At least I have a team teacher.

JeanneJ said...

You are awesome! I miss Primary so much. There's no place I'd rather serve, but you are amazing handling 10 kids on your own...particularly those 10 kids, heehee!