Tuesday, October 9, 2012

BYU Football

I was able to attend Parents Weekend up at BYU the last weekend in September. I got to Utah on a Friday and left on Sunday so it was a quick trip! I manged to get a football game in there, take the kids shopping see fall colors and have dinner with some family.
Here are the pics from the football game and yes, we won 48-0!!

It was a beautiful fall day, but did have to put my jacket on by the end of the game.

Brittney and Matthew

Me with Matthew

Me with Brittney

Matthew with a friend from his mission

My nephew Kyle and his wife Nicky went to the game with us. It was a lot of fun visiting with them!

Three BYU Cougars

When we got back from the BYU game, Carolyn and Brent had just got home from the Spanish Fork HS game, their son Kirk(Dale's cousin) is the coach. I know their kids enjoy their BYU season tickets while they attend the HS games.
We forgive them for wearing red! Spanish Fork is also where Brent went to high school. 

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